Terms and Conditions of Service

Terms and Conditions of Service
(Service Agreement)

The MyInstitution.Net SIMS service ("Service") is exclusively owned and operated by DotNet Systems. Access to and use of the Service (at its website www.myinstitution.net ) is subject to the following terms and conditions, which are collectively called (“Service Agreement”).




1.1 This Service is an online Institutional Information Management System which is offered only to the educational Institutions including schools, colleges, universities, or vocational training institutions.

1.2 Only a fully and legally authorized person including an Owner, Authority, or Officer/ Administrator can Subscribe to this Service and Register their respective Institution(s) at MyInstitution.Net.

1.3 In order to become a Subscriber, you agree to pay the subscription amount for selected Subscription Packages. The Subscriber MUST contact us through "Contact MyInstitution.Net" facility before making any payment for the first-time Subscription.

1.4 After making the payment, the Subscriber must immediately provide us the payment details through "Contact MyInstitution.Net" facility. After confirmation of this payment, the Subscriber will be sent an email to confirm the Subscription of his/her Institution(s) along with an Authentication Code for Registration of the Subscriber’s Institution(s).

1.5 Subscription Packages are normally valid for 365 Days. Subscriber is required to Renew the Subscription by making payment for the selected Subscription Package on or before the expiry of of the existing Subscription period of 365 days, failing to which access to the Service will automatically be denied by MyInstitution.Net website (“Site”)/Service. In certain cases, the Management of DotNet Systems may, at its sole discretion, consider to allow 30-Days Subscription at twice of the rate of 365-Days Subscription (i.e. at 2 x Annual Subscription / 12 for 30-Days).

1.6 By registering your Institution(s) at MyInstitution.Net, you become a Subscriber (a "Subscriber"), and you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of this Agreement (the "Terms") for as long as you continue to be a Subscriber. PLEASE DO NOT REGISTER YOUR INSTITUTION AT MyInstitution.Net, IF YOU DO NOT AGREE TO THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS, OR DO NOT HAVE THE FULL LEGAL AUTHORITY TO REGISTER YOUR INSTITUTION. On registering your Institution at MyInstitution.Net, you shall be deemed to have fully agreed and accepted these Terms and Conditions of Service.

1.7 On registering your Institution, you (or the person registering your Institution using the Authentication Code sent to you) are authorized to use the Service as an "Administrator" for that particular Institution.

1.8 A Subscriber is the person who has the full and final legal authority to Subscribe one or many Institution(s) by making payment of the selected Subscription Package(s), whereas an Administrator is the person who registered any particular Institution or the one who uses the Login Info of the Administrator. A Subscriber may himself be the Administrator of his/her Institution registered at MyInstitution.Net Service, or someone authorized by the Subscriber to use the Service as Administrator on the direction (or on behalf) of the Subscriber.

1.9 Administrator has full access and control to the Login Info (User ID & Password) of the Student and teachers/staff registered by him/her. The Subscriber/Administrator, at his/her own discretion and responsibility, may provide student’s Login Info to their Parents.

1.10 All the users, including Subscriber/Administrator, students/parents, and teachers/staff are fully responsible to ensure to security of their respective Login Info to avoid any unauthorized access or misuse of the Service.

1.11 Subscribers and Administrators agree to provide true and correct information about themselves as well as their Institution during and after the registration of their Institution.




2.1 The Service is provided to you under the terms and conditions of this Service Agreement and any amendments thereto and any MyInstitution.Net SIMS Service operating rules or policies (collectively, the "Agreement"). This Agreement applies to each service separately or collectively. All the users, subscribers, administrators, teachers/staff, students and their parents, agree to accept all the relevant clauses of these Terms and Conditions. Please do not use this service if you do not agree and accept any clause/clauses of these Terms and Conditions.




As a condition of use of the Service, you agree to:
(a) provide true, accurate, current and complete information about yourself and your Institution as prompted during the registration process;
(b) If any information provided by you is untrue, inaccurate, non-current or incomplete, DotNet Systems has the right to terminate your account and refuse any and all current or future use of the Service.




DotNet Systems / MyInstitution.Net considers User account information, including but not limited to information provided during the registration process and email communications transmitted through the Service, to be private information. DotNet Systems will not disclose such information to any third parties without your consent, except that you agree DotNet Systems may do so in the good faith belief that such action is reasonably necessary:

(a) to comply with the law;
(b) to comply with legal process;
(c) to enforce the Agreement;
(d) to respond to claims that such content violates the rights of third-parties;
(e) to protect the rights or interests of DotNet System / MyInstitution.Net SIMS Service; or
(f) to protect the rights or interests of MyInstitution.Net SIMS Service users or others. You understand and agree that DotNet Systems / MyInstitution.Net may access the content of your account in order to identify and resolve technical problems or service complaints.




DotNet Systems may change the Agreement from time to time. You will be informed of any such changes by a notice on the Administrator's Home page of the Service stating that the Agreement has changed. Your continued use of MyInstitution.Net SIMS Service after DotNet Systems has posted such notice constitutes your acceptance of any such changes.




DotNet Systems reserves the right to modify or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, the Service with or without notice to you. You agree that DotNet Systems / MyInstitution.Net shall not be liable to you or any third party for any modification or discontinuance of the Service.




7.1 You agree to be solely responsible for the contents of your transmissions to or through the Service and for your interactions with other MyInstitution.Net SIMS Service users and stakeholders.

7.2 You agree to abide by all applicable local, state, national, and international laws and regulations in your use of the Service, and agree not to attempt to gain unauthorized access to other computer systems or networks connected to the Service. You will not interfere with or disrupt the Services or the Site or the servers or networks connected to the Services or the Site. You will not post, email or otherwise transmit any material that contains software viruses or any other computer code, files or programs designed to interrupt, destroy or limit the functionality of any computer software or hardware or telecommunications equipment. You also agree not to interfere with the use and enjoyment of the Service by other Users.

7.3 You agree not to transmit any unlawful, harassing, libelous, privacy invading, sexually and/or racially offensive, abusive, threatening, harmful, vulgar, obscene or otherwise objectionable material of any kind.

7.4 You agree not to transmit any material that violates the rights of another, including but not limited to the intellectual property rights of another.

7.5 You agree not to transmit "junk mail," "spam," "chain letters, " or unsolicited mass distribution of email, or to use the Service for any commercial purposes.

7.6 You agree not to impersonate any other person, including but not limited to any other User of MyInstitution.Net SIMS Service or DotNet Systems/MyInstitution.Net employee, while using the Service.

7.7 You (as Subscriber/Administrator) agree not to use the Service in a way to avoid a higher student enrolment Subscription Package. A high frequency Re-admissions, or a high frequency of Removal of students during one year, suggesting such a pattern may lead DotNet Systems to blacklist your Institution from using our services at any time, and you agree that you will not claim any damages, charges, refund or compensation, or reimbursement, and will not resort to any legal action in case such a decision is taken by DotNet Systems, and that you agree that DotNet Systems has the full and final authority to take such a decision. Though Service normally allows re-admissions of maximum 10% student of the total permissible student enrolment as per Subscription Package of that Institution during one year, however, the decision to Blacklist any Institution at anytime on this ground is the exclusive and final right of DotNet System.

7.8 You agree to be responsible for your interactions with other stakeholders. You agree that DotNet Systems is not responsible or liable for content posted on the service by third parties or Users or the conduct of any other user of the Service. Please use the "Contact MyInstitution.Net" facility to report any violations of the Service Agreement.

7.9 That you, as Subscriber, will be responsible for the conduct of various stakeholders relating to your Institution(s) including Administrator(s), Students/Parents, Teachers/Staff, and Class Incharges or the Heads of Department who have additional rights over certain classes as authorized by the Administrator, and will take appropriate action in case of a reported misconduct by any user of this Service belonging to your Institution.

7.10 You agree not to use the service for illegal purposes or for the transmission of material that is unlawful, harassing, libelous, invasive of another's privacy, sexually and/or racially offensive, abusive, threatening, harmful, vulgar, obscene, or otherwise objectionable, or that infringes or may infringe the intellectual property or other rights of another.




The Service website provides areas where user can post data and text, upload images/files, and exchange information, which are collectively called as “Postings”. ┬áDotNet Systems / MyInstitution.Net Service has no obligation to and does not exercise editorial control over Postings that users post to the website in such areas and such information does not reflect the views of DotNet Systems / MyInstitution.Net Service. To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, DotNet Systems / MyInstitution.Net Service shall in no event have any responsibility or liability for the Postings or for any claims, damages, or losses resulting from their use and/or appearance on this website. DotNet Systems / MyInstitution.Net Service reserves the right to monitor all Postings and to remove any which it considers in its absolute discretion to be offensive or otherwise in breach of these terms and conditions. You hereby represent and warrant that you have all necessary rights in and to all Postings you provide and all material they contain; that your Postings shall not infringe any proprietary or other rights of third parties; that your Postings shall not contain any viruses or other contaminating or destructive devices or features; that your Postings shall not contain any defamatory, indecent, offensive, tortuous, or otherwise unlawful or immoral material or content; and that your Postings shall not be used to carry out or solicit any unlawful activity and/or be used to make commercial solicitations. You hereby authorize us to use and/or authorize others to use all or part of your Postings in any manner, format, or medium that we or such other parties see fit. You shall have no claim or other recourse against DotNet Systems / MyInstitution.Net Service for infringement of any proprietary right in Postings.




You agree not to resell the Service, or allow use of, or access to the Service through your Login (User ID and Password), to any third party.




10.1 You agree that DotNet Systems may, in its sole discretion, terminate or suspend your access to all or part of the Service for any reason, including, without limitation, breach of the Agreement or any subsequent modifications, or attempted assignment of your account by you. You acknowledge and agree that termination may be effected without prior notice, and acknowledge and agree that DotNet Systems may immediately delete files in your account and bar any further access thereto.

10.2 DotNet Systems shall not be liable to you or any third party for the termination of Service or any claims, or refund, or compensation related to the termination of Service. Any suspected fraudulent, abusive or illegal activity, or blacklisting of your Institution by DotNet Systems for unauthorized use of the Service in violation these Terms of Service, may be grounds for termination of your account, and DotNet Systems may also refer the matter to the appropriate law enforcement authorities, or any other agency.

10.3 You agree that it is your own responsibility to renew your Subscription on or before the expiry of your existing Subscription period. DotNet Systems is fully authorized to suspend or terminate your service if you do not renew your Subscription on or before the expiry of your existing Subscription period by making payment to the Bank Account of DotNet Systems.

10.4 Should you object to any terms and conditions of the Agreement, or any subsequent changes to the Agreement, or become dissatisfied with the Service in any way, your only recourse is to immediately:

(1) discontinue and terminate the use of the Service; and
(2) notify DotNet Systems/MyInstitution.Net Support for termination of Service by sending a message through "Contact MyInstitution.Net" facility.




11.1 You agree that if you decide to terminate the Service, you may do so by notifying us through "Contact MyInstitution.Net". You agree that the one-time Setup Fee @ US$ 1 per student will not refunded to you by DotNet Systems in case you decide to terminate the Service. You also agree that you will be entitled to claim a refund of only 80% annual Subscription amount for the remaining days of Subscription Period starting from the date of receiving of your termination notification by DotNet Systems through "Contact MyInstitution.Net" facility. Hence, you agree that DotNet Systems will be fully authorized to deduct 20% amount of the remaining Subscription period as well as one-time Setup Fee. The determination of the receipt of any termination of service notification, as well as the date of receipt of such notification, from the Subscriber is the sole authority of DotNet Systems, and you agree that you would have no claim whatsoever in this regard. The calculation of net refundable amount will be as follows:

Net Amount Refundable

(No. of days between Termination Notification Date & Subscription Expiry Date) x (Package Price) x 80

(Total No. of Days of Subscription Period) x 100

11.2 You agree that DotNet Systems / MyInstitution.Net, has the full and final right to decide the amount of refund, and you will not challenge, contest, or dispute regarding the amount of refund calculated by DotNet Systems / MyInstitution.Net in a court of law, or any other forum whatsoever.

11.3 You agree that if DotNet Systems / MyInstitution.Net, in its sole discretion, decides to terminate or suspend your access to all or part of the Service, you will not be entitled to any refund from DotNet Systems / MyInstitution.Net.




Your correspondence, transactions or other dealings with advertisers, DotNet Systems / MyInstitution.Net partners, Gift Store vendors or other third parties available on or linked through the Service, including but not limited to payment and delivery of related goods or services, and any other terms, conditions, warranties or representations associated with such dealings, are solely between you and such advertiser, partner, vendor or other third party. DotNet Systems / MyInstitution.Net does not endorse and is not responsible or liable for any content, advertising, products, or other materials on or available from such parties or resources. You agree not to hold DotNet Systems / MyInstitution.Net liable for any loss or damage of any sort incurred as the result of the presence, availability or non-availability of the advertisers, partners, vendors or other third parties available on or through the Service, or as the result of any dealings with such parties, including but not limited to attendance at events advertised or purchase or use of goods or services offered on or through the MyInstitution.Net website.




13.1 DotNet Systems reserves all the rights of MyInstitution.Net SIMS Service including copyright and intellectual property rights of the software, text, images, and the Subscriber and users including Subscribers, Administrators, students/parents and teachers/staff are only permitted to use this online Service through a web-browser, and to enter, edit, download, and print their relevant information/data as authorized after Login. Software and other materials on this website are owned by DotNet Systems, or are included with permission of the relevant owner.

13.2 The Subscriber / Administrator and all their relevant users including Students/Parents, Teachers/Staff will use this Service for non-commercial and informational purposes, and to meet the specific Information Management requirements of the Subscribed Institution. No reproduction of any part of the website may be sold or distributed for commercial gain, nor shall it be modified or incorporated in any other work, publication or website. No other licence or right is granted to the Subscriber, Administrator or any other user of the Service.

13.3 You acknowledge and agree that content, including but not limited to text, software, music, sounds, pictures, graphs, graphics, video, or other material contained in sponsor advertisements or information presented to you by DotNet Systems / MyInstitution.Net SIMS Service, its partners or advertisers, is protected by copyrights, trademarks, service marks, patents, or other proprietary rights and laws. You acknowledge and agree that you are permitted to download and print this material and information for your personal, non-commercial use or as expressly authorized by DotNet Systems / MyInstitution.Net, its partners or advertisers, and may not copy, reproduce, transmit, distribute, or create derivative works of such content or information without express authorization.

13.4 You acknowledge and agree that any material you post in any areas on the Service that are accessible to the public at MyInstitution.Net will be treated as non-confidential and non-proprietary and DotNet Systems / MyInstitution.Net may use such material in any medium for any purpose, including but not limited to the reproduction, disclosure, transmission, publication, broadcast and posting of such material in advertising and promotions.




14.1 The Service and the materials available on or through the Service are provided "as is" and "as available" and without warranties or conditions of any kind either express or implied. To the fullest extent permissible under applicable law, DotNet Systems / MyInstitution.Net disclaims all warranties and conditions, express or implied, including, but not limited to, implied warranties and conditions of merchantability, merchant quality, correspondence to description and fitness for a particular purpose. DotNet Systems / MyInstitution.Net does not represent or warrant that the Service will be uninterrupted or error-free, that defects will be corrected, or that this site or the server that makes it available, are free of viruses or other harmful components. DotNet Systems / MyInstitution.Net does not represent or warrant that the materials or the results of the use of the materials available through the Service or from third parties will be correct, accurate, timely, reliable or otherwise. We cannot guarantee that each User is at least the required minimum age, nor do we accept responsibility or liability for any content, communication or other use or access of the Website by any person in violation of any law.

14.2 At various points throughout this website you may be offered automatic links to other websites relevant to a particular aspect of this website. This does not indicate that DotNet Systems / MyInstitution.Net Service is necessarily associated with any of these other websites or their owners. While it is the intention of DotNet Systems / MyInstitution.Net Service that you should find these other sites of interest, neither DotNet Systems / MyInstitution.Net Service nor their employees shall have any responsibility or liability of any nature for these other websites or information contained in them.

14.3 The information on this website has been included in good faith for informational purposes only. It should not be relied on for any specific purpose and no warranty or guarantee is given as regards its accuracy or completeness. Neither DotNet Systems / MyInstitution.Net Service nor its employees shall be liable for any loss, damage or expense arising out of any access to or use of this website or any website(s) linked to it including, without limitation, any loss of profit, indirect, incidental or consequential loss.




To the fullest extent permissible under applicable law, DotNet Systems / MyInstitution.Net shall not be liable under any circumstances, including but not limited to negligence, for any direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages that result from the use of or the inability to use the Service, any changes to the Service, unauthorized access to or alteration of your transmissions or data, any material or data sent or received or not sent or received, or any transactions entered into through the Service. DotNet Systems / MyInstitution.Net will not be held resposible for any claims by any stakeholder(s), users, teachers/staff, students and parents, for the information posted through MyInstitution.Net, and it be the sole responsibity of the relavant Admininstrator / Teacher / Staff / Authority that posted the information. You also agree that DotNet Systems / MyInstitution.Net is not responsible or liable for any threatening, defamatory, obscene, offensive or illegal content or conduct of any other party or any infringement of another's rights, including intellectual property rights. DotNet Systems / MyInstitution.Net DOES NOT SCREEN THE USERS REGISTERING TO THE MyInstitution.Net SIMS Service, OR USERS OF THE SERVICE, IN ANY WAY. AS A RESULT, DotNet Systems / MyInstitution.Net WILL NOT BE LIABLE FOR ANY DAMAGES, DIRECT, INDIRECT, INCIDENTAL AND/OR CONSEQUENTIAL, ARISING OUT OF THE USE OF THIS SERVICE, INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION, TO DAMAGES ARISING OUT OF COMMUNICATING AND/OR MEETING WITH OTHER USERS OF THIS SERVICE, OR INTRODUCED TO YOU VIA THIS SERVICE. SUCH DAMAGES INCLUDE, WITHOUT LIMITATION, PHYSICAL DAMAGES, BODILY INJURY AND OR EMOTIONAL DISTRESS AND DISCOMFORT. If you are dissatisfied with the Service, the materials available on or through the Service, or with any of the terms and conditions of DotNet Systems / MyInstitution.Net, your sole and exclusive remedy is to discontinue using MyInstitution.Net.




DotNet Systems / MyInstitution.Net has created this Privacy Statement (Policy) in order to demonstrate our firm commitment to helping our users better understand what information we collect about them and what may happen to that information.

The following discloses our information gathering and dissemination practices for this website: MyInstitution.Net




As part of the normal operation of our services we collect and, in some cases, may disclose information about you. This Privacy Policy describes the information we collect about you and what may happen to that information.

By accepting this Privacy Policy and our Terms and Conditions, you expressly consent to our use and disclosure of your personal information in the manner prescribed in this Privacy Policy. This Privacy Policy is incorporated into and subject to the terms of the MyInstitution.Net Terms of Service. The privacy practices of this statement apply to the MyInstitution.Net website.



a) Information We Collect

Our primary goal in collecting personal information is to provide you with a smooth, efficient, and customized experience. This allows us to provide services and features that most likely meet your needs and to customize our service to make your experience easier. The profiles of Administrator, Teachers, and Students are available are only accessible to the authorized persons of your institution to view on the Website. Administrator's contact information will be shown at Contact Us page including email address, telephone number, fax, PO Box, or address ONLY IF SPEFICALLY REQUESTED by the Administrator while registering the Institution with us. If you don't want to display any of your contact information, you MUST click on 'No' option at in front of each type of contact info - email address, telephone number, fax, PO Box, or address - that you do not want to be accessible to public in the Contact Us page. Even if you disallow others to view your contact information from your profile, you will still be able to receive email messages from the public, teachers, or students through our instant email messaging system, while maintaining your anonymity. Further, your Institution's Mission Statement, About My Institution info, and the Salient Features of your Institution may be accessed by the public at My Institution page. Any announcements made by you for the public, Students and Teachers, or Teachers only will also be accessible to the respective audiences.

We automatically track certain information based upon your behaviour on our website and the pattern of usage of our Institutional Information Management System using cookies and other devices. We use this information to internal research on our Users' demographics, interests, and behaviour to better understand and serve you and our community. This information may include, but not limited to, the URL that you just came from (whether this URL is on our website or not). Which URL you next go to (whether this URL is on our website or not), what browser you are using, and your IP address.

We may use data collection devices such as "cookies" on certain pages of our website. "Cookies" are small files placed on your hard drive that assist us in providing customized services. We also offer certain features that are only available through the use of a "cookie". Cookies can also help us provide information which is targeted to your interests. Most cookies are "session cookies", meaning that they are automatically deleted from your hard drive at the end of a session. You are always free to decline our cookies if your browser permits.



b) Our Use of Your Information.

We use information in the files we maintain about you, and the other information we obtain from your current and past activities on the website to resolve disputes, troubleshoot problems and enforce our Terms and Conditions.

You agree that we may use personally identifiable information about you to improve our marketing and promotional efforts, to analyze website usage, improve our content and product offerings, and customize our Institutional Information Management System and Website's content, layout, and services. These uses improve our Website and the Information System, and better tailor it to meet your needs.

You agree that we may use your information to contact you and deliver information to you that, in some cases, are targeted to your interests, such as targeted banner advertisements, administrative notices, product offerings, and communications relevant to your use of the Website. By accepting Privacy Policy, you expressly agree to receive this information. If you do not wish to receive these communications, we encourage you to opt out of the receipt of certain communications by sending a message to us.



c) Our Disclosure of Your Information

Due to the existing regulatory environment, we cannot ensure that all of your private communications and other personally identifiable information will never be disclosed in ways not otherwise described in this Privacy Policy. By way of example (without limiting and foregoing), we may be forced to disclose information to the government, law enforcement agencies or third parties under certain circumstances, third parties may unlawfully intercept or access transmissions or private communications, or Users may abuse or misuse your information that they collect from our Website. Therefore, although we use industry standard practices to protect your privacy, we do not promise, and you should not expect, that your personally identifiable information or private communications will always remain private.

As a matter of policy, we do not sell or rent any personally identifiable information about you to any third party. However, the following describes some of the ways that your personally identifiable information may be disclosed.

Advertisers. We aggregate (gather up data across all our Users accounts) personally identifiable information and disclose such information in a non-personally identifiable manner to advertisers, and third parties for other marketing and promotional purposes. In these situations we may disclose the name and address of your Institution, however, we do not disclose to these entities any information that could be used to identify you personally. Certain information, such as your name, email address, password, credit card number and bank account number, are never disclosed to marketing advertisers. We may use third-party advertising companies to serve ads on our behalf. These companies may employ cookies and action tags (also known as single pixel gifs or web beacons) to measure advertising effectiveness. Any information that these third parties collect via cookies and action tags is completely anonymous.

Other Institutions. We may disclose the name and address of your Institution to the other educational and training institutions for marketing and promotional purposes.

External Service Providers. There are a number of services from External Service Providers that we utilize to help you use our Website (e.g. listing agents, escrow, authentication, mediation). If you choose to use these optional services, and in the course of doing so, disclose information to the external service providers, and/or grant them permission to collect information about you, then their use of your information is governed by their private policy.

Other Corporate Entities. We share much of our data, including personally identifiable information about you, with our parent, affiliates, subsidiaries and joint ventures that are committed to serving your online needs and related services, throughout the world. To the extent that these entities have access to your information, they will treat it at least as protectively as they treat information they obtain from their other Users. Our parent, affiliates, subsidiaries and joint ventures will follow privacy practices no less protective of all Users than our practices described in this document, to the extent allowed by applicable law. It is possible that DotNet Systems / MyInstitution.Net, its subsidiaries, joint ventures, or any combination of such, could merge with or be acquired by another business entity. Should such a combination occur, you should expect that DotNet Systems / MyInstitution.Net would share some or all of your information in order to continue to provide the service. You will receive notice of such event (to the extent it occurs) and we will require that the new combined entity follow the practices disclosed in this Privacy Policy.

Legal Requests. DotNet Systems / MyInstitution.Net cooperates with law enforcement inquiries, as well as other third parties to enforce laws, such as: intellectual property rights, fraud and other rights. We can (and you authorize us to) disclose any information about you to law enforcement and other government officials as we, in our sole discretion, believe necessary or appropriate, in connection with an investigation of fraud, intellectual property infringements, or other activity that is illegal or may expose us or you to legal liability.



d) Accessing, Reviewing and Changing Institution Info

Administrator can review or change any information submitted during the registration, except Type of Institution, Level of Institution, security question, and User ID. If you change Administrator's password we keep track of your old password. You can also upload and update the logo and picture of your institution.

Students and Teachers Profiles as well as several kinds of Performance Analysis Reports of the Students, Teachers, Classes, and the Institution can be accessed by the Administrator, Students / Parents, and Teachers according to their specific rights. These Performance Analysis Reports are automatically created and updated based on the Test / Exam results entered by the Administrator, Class Incharges, or the Heads of Departments.

No student has access to the profile, test / exam results, or Performance Analysis Reports of any other student. Likewise, No Teacher has access to the profile, test / exam results, or Performance Analysis Reports of any other teacher. However, Administrator has the access to all the Students and Teacher profiles, test / exam results, and all the Performance Analysis Reports. Administrator can also allow and define the level of access to the Class Incharges / Heads of Departments about Students personal information on their profiles, test / exam results, and Performance Analysis Reports of the students. The Administrator would, however, be fully responsible for allowing and defining this access to the Students Info, and DotNet Systems / MyInstitution.Net shall not be liable for any misuse of such information under any circumstances.

You can De-activate your Institution at anytime you like to disallow access to your Institution Information Management System by anyone other than you. You can Re-activate your Institution again to allow access to your Institution Information Management System to others including teachers, students and the public.

We will retain our files information you have requested to remove in order in some circumstances, such as to resolve disputes, troubleshoot problems and enforce our terms and conditions. Further, such prior information is never completely removed from our databases due to technical and legal constraints, including stored ‘back up' systems. Therefore, you should not expect that all of your personally identifiable information will be completely removed from our databases in response to your requests.



e) Control of Your Password

You are responsible for all actions taken with your User ID and password. Therefore, we do not recommend that you disclose your MyInstitution.Net User ID or password to any third parties. If you choose to share your User ID and password or your information with third parties to provide you additional services, you are responsible for all actions taken with your User ID and password and therefore should review that third party's privacy policy. If you lose control of your password, you may lose substantial control over the service, and personally identifiable information about you as well as teachers and students of your Institution, and may be subject to legally binding actions taken on your behalf. Therefore, if your password has been compromised for any reason, you should immediately change your password.



f) Other Information Collectors

Except as otherwise expressly included in this Privacy Policy, this document only addresses the use and disclosure of information we collect from you. To the extent that you disclose your information to other parties, whether they are on our Website or on other websites throughout the Internet, different rules may apply to their use or disclosure of the information you disclose to them. To the extent that we use third party advertisers, they adhere to their own privacy policies. Since DotNet Systems / MyInstitution.Net does not control the privacy policies of the third parties, you are subject to ask questions before you disclose your personal information to others.



g) Security

DotNet Systems / MyInstitution.Net uses industry standard practices to safeguard the confidentiality of your personal identifiable information. DotNet Systems / MyInstitution.Net treats data as an asset that must be protected against loss and unauthorized access. We employ many different security techniques to protect such data from unauthorized access by Users inside and outside the company. However, "perfect security" does not exist on the Internet.



h) Notice

We may change this Privacy Policy from the time based on your comments and our need to accurately reflect our data collection and disclosure practices. All changes to this policy are effective after we provide you with at least (30) days' notice of changes by sending email to Administrator (Administrative User). We provide you with (30) days' notice to allow you the opportunity to notify DotNet Systems / MyInstitution.Net if you do not agree to such changes.




You agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless DotNet Systems / MyInstitution.Net, each of its stand-alone services, its parents, subsidiaries, affiliates, owners/directors, officers and employees, agents, and third parties, for any losses, costs, liabilities, expenses, claims, demand, or damage, including reasonable attorneys' fees, relating to or arising out of your use of the MyInstitution.Net SIMS Service, including:

(i) your breach of this Agreement;

(ii) any allegation that any materials that you submit to us or transmit to the Site infringe or otherwise violate the copyright, trademark, trade secret or other intellectual property or other rights of any third party; and/or

(iii) your activities in connection with the Site. This indemnity shall be applicable without regard to the negligence of any party, including any indemnified person. The personal information (including sensitive personal information) you provide to us will be stored on computer. You consent to us using this information to build up a profile of interests, preferences and browsing patterns and to allow you to participate in the MyInstitution.Net SIMS Service. All Users also agree to uphold and maintain our Privacy Policy and to the terms and conditions thereof. In addition, DotNet Systems / MyInstitution.Net disclaims all liability, regardless of the form of action, for the acts or omissions of other Users (including unauthorized users, or "hackers") of the Service.




Any notice to DotNet Systems / MyInstitution.Net shall be made via "Contact MyInstitution.Net" facility. DotNet Systems / MyInstitution.Net may provide notices of changes to the Agreement or other matters by displaying notices to Users generally on the Service, or via email.



If you have been asked for money by someone using our Service, please report this person to us and include the letter. We need your help do identify such people.



Your confidential information and anonymity will be fiercely protected. Please be honest in providing information about your Institution. Unrealistic claims and offensive language may be removed at the discretion of the Systems Manager.