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Online Institutional /
School Information Management System (SIMS)
... offers state-of-the-art services to Schools, Colleges, Universities, & Training Institutions

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Mission Statement

To support the educational institutions, authorities, and other stakeholders in achieving the strategic advantage of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in teaching, learning, and educational administration.

Whats Inside MyInstitution.Net

Online access to administrators, teachers, students, & parents.
A supervisory environment for higher authorities of educational institutions.
Auto-generated Performance Analysis Reports of students, teachers, classes and the Institution.
Online Homework / Assignment Schedules printable in PDF.
Students and teachers Attendance System.
Announcements for students, teachers, classes, and public.
Result Cards / Progress Reports Printable in PDF format.
Design and Print Module to create documents with dynamic data into PDF files including:
  ID Cards of students and teachers.
  Table Signs, Certificates, Letters, Notices, Function Tickets etc.
Add QR Code, including vCards, using Design & Print Module.
Customization of Student Grading System.
Customization of Teachers Performance Rating System.
Performance analysis at a glance: Bar-Charts, Cone Charts, or Pie Charts.
No need to calculate Totals, Percentages, Student Grades, and Teachers Performance Ratings because everything is done automatically in several Academic Performance Analysis Reports.
Access to old students and teachers data.
Quick Searching facilities to find current or old students data.
Quick Searching facilities to find current or old teachers data.
A Decision-Support System for parents, students, teachers, and the administrators.
Quick and simple forms to enter, update, and delete data.
A highly user-friendly System.
Enhances communication among various stakeholders.
A ‘Homepage of the Institution’ with its own Logo and Picture from where relevant stakeholders get access to the institutional info.
A comprehensive database of the institution that allows recording and retrieval of data in an extremely convenient way.
A complete website for the Institutions with no extra cost.
Industry standard practices to safeguard the confidentiality of personal information.
Professional guidance and support.
Highly affordable.

Key Benefits

Saving of costs on:
  Paper-based reporting and communications.
Physical interactions among stakeholders, e.g. reduced telephone charges; reduced personal visits by parents etc.
Physical resources required to develop, deploy, and maintain a home-grown information system.
Salaries of IT staff involved in development and maintenance of a home-grown Information System.
Ready-to-use SIMS saves the time required to develop software.
Saving of time of the administrators, teachers, students and their parents:
No calculations of Totals, Percentages, Grades, Ratings etc.
Reduced physical visits, telephonic contacts, and direct interactions among stakeholders.
Instant generation of several kinds of performance analysis reports.
Instant online access to all the data, profiles, and performance reports relating to current and old students and teachers as authorized.
Printing of Student and Teachers ID Cards; Results Cards/Progress Reports; Letters; Table Signs; Tickets etc. with dynamically loaded data from the database into the PDF files.
Greatly helps the stakeholders to make informed decisions based on database-driven performance reports & consolidated data views.
Allows the educational authorities to focus on core educational aims and objectives and leaves technology race to experts.
Enhances image of the subscribing Institutions among parents, academia, and the public.
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